No doubt about it. And Rhino Linings of Pembroke Pines has your Rhino Liner. It is a protective coating that bonds to basically everything, and is proven to protect against impacts, abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, rust, nature’s elements, as well as reduce noise from vibration and impact. Currently, we are offering spray-in box liner, and fender liner application. The benefits of the Rhino Hybrid™ Liner are incredible, among the reasons listed above, it also creates a slip-resistant box for the hard-working truck and owner. With the Rhino Liner, you and your truck are ready to handle anything.

Why Spray in Bed Liner?

Drop-in plastic box liners don’t offer the best protection for your truck. After time, sun can warp the plastic, causing it to move and possibly hold moisture and corrode. If the box liner is installed improperly, or does not fit, it can cause damage to the truck. With a drop-in liner, it is illegal to put a 5th-Wheel hitch in the back of a truck. Why? Well, because the bolt has to be put through the bed of the truck and due to the drop-in liner being plastic and hollow, the weight can actually loosen the liner and become a serious safety hazard.

With Rhino Hybrid™ Liner, the product is sprayed in, allowing the product to get into the grooves of the truck bed. Rhino Liner is incredibly durable, creates a waterproof membrane and creates a slip-resistant and stronger truck box. Plus the liner is legal, and recommended, for 5th Wheel towing.